A coaching relationship is a unique partnership between equals.  As a coach I guide people into a deeper dimension of themselves that they may have previously been unaware of.  A coach is not higher on the hierarchical scale than a client, but may just have more familiarity with the territory.  Like a sherpa who guides climbers up Mount Everest, an awakening coach can point out the way to a more expansive consciousness.

As an awakening coach I create the opportunity for seeing life from a new, deeper, broader perspective.  Then I support, encourage and challenge my clients to engage in practices that integrate this view and make it sustainable.  All the while I hold them in the context of knowing that awakening is available to everyone, and is truly our birthright.

For awakening coaching to be successful, it is helpful for the client to bring a willingness to suspend prior learnings just for the 8 weeks we will be working together.  As a well know Zen story teaches, one cannot add much to a cup that is already full.  Once the series is completed, it is found by many that they can then integrate it easily with other systems of wisdom and healing.

Both coach and client enter into this relationship with respect and intention for the experience to bring about the highest evolutionary potential in the client.

I’m a Certified Awakening Coach, trained by Arjuna Ardagh, author of The Translucent Revolution and Relaxing into Clear Seeing.    I have guided spiritual seekers into a direct experience of being awake to their true nature since 1999. Currently, I am training other coaches in this method.